About us

Bit Performance Ltd, develops and implements software algorithms and robotic systems for ultra-profitable trading on cryptocurrency exchanges by the efforts of professionals in the crypto industry: experienced traders, IT architects, and financial management specialists.


Cryptocurrency trading

Qualified trading of coins and digital tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Algorithm development

Designing software and robotic systems for automatic algorithmic trading.

Big data exploration

Fundamental research on big crypto data and advanced trend analysis.

Risk management

Comprehensive risk management with adaptive execution models.

Our team

Miles Parker


William Lyons


Giles Wheeler

Head of the Investment Department

Claude McKenzie

Chief Information Officer

Daniel Reed

Key Trader

Loreen Ross

Head of the Risk Management Service

Alan Dean

Marketing Director

Emma Greer

Press Manager

Mae Dorsey

Support Service Supervisor

Our advantages

By joining BitPerformance, you can be confident in more than just the effectiveness of our smart algorithms. For the comfort of users, we have taken care of much more, paying attention to every detail of your future workplace from reliable protection of your assets and income to consulting support at any time of the day.

And thanks to a truly user-friendly interface, BitPerformance's sophisticated investment mechanisms look like a simple electronic wallet in your pocket, making a profit wherever you are.

Profitable investment plans

Profit accrual every second

Instant withdrawal of funds

Professional team of traders

24/7 platform clients support

SSL encryption and DDOS protection

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